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1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Plastic Type:
Office decoration smart mini garden
Office, home, meeting room, etc...
Grow from seed or transplant your favorite plants
Intelligent light system:
Artifical settings, adjust the exposure time intelligence
Smart irrigation system:
Automatic circulation to the plant roots fertilization, watering
Intelligent auto suggest:
when the faceplate is not enough storage capacity, will be reminded.
Transparent smart pot, training device, plant growth lights, seeds
Unit size:
Power supply:
DC 220V/50Hz
Black and white
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Packaging Details
Gift box + cartn box.
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Within 10 days after the order confirmed and receive your paid.
Product Description


Is it the tank? Vegetables? Lamp?
    It is the product of cross-border!
        It is 3 in 1 electronic product!

Smart mini farm is a cross-border products, you can fish in the fish tank, the product of the central device is a soilless culture, a variety of plants can be grown. Full-spectrum grow light can be used as a table lamp.
* You just need to sown seeds in the growth pods, plants begin to auto grow. You can also transplanting plants;
* Plants need nutrients are from the fertilizer in the water;
* You can fish in the tank, but do not feed too much food, avoid water pollution;
* The top of the plant growth lamps can provide light to the plants, and can serve as a table lamp;
* Plants need the water and the nutrients through the circulating pump to extract from the fish tank;
* We use solid fertilizer, the plants can be provided a standardized method of fertilization, fertilizer is divided into germination, growth, flowering period;
* There are seven control panel , it is composed of different patterns, you can choose your favorite control panel;
* You can buy tools from us, and you can easily change the water.
* The most advanced technology and all intelligent soilless cultivation system;
* Advanced lighting system, according to the habits of plants automatically adjust the light;
* Automatic watering system, plant water needs according to different time automatic control of water;
* Automatic alert system, water shortages and lack of support, it will automatically prompt.
* Color: white + transparent color;
* Package size: 46*36.5*32.5(cm);
* Product size: 41*30*62(46)(cm), it can be flexible, height can be adjusted;
* Unit weight: 3.8 KGS; 
* Total weight: 6 KGS(include package);
* Material: ABS + PC;
* Power supply: 220VAC/50Hz or 110VAC/60Hz;
* Power: 55 watts;
* Fertilizer: solid;
* Control panel: 7 different colors optional;
* Growth base: Configuring the base of 7 mini-train.
* Innovate products, create a new market;
* Make the network grow vegetables and harvest them become a reality;
* Able to clearly see the process of plant growth, increase a playful element;
* It will bring your green life and work both for human consumption, but also ornamental. 
Green office: Let's make office is no longer boring, slowly dip the green and feel the plants growth process is like business development process.
Home life: Make the network grow vegetables and harvest them is no longer virtual, becomes a real pleasure.
Green childlike: Quietly observing the process of plant growth, grow to appreciate the fun.
* Do urban fashion farmers, make the network grow vegetables and harvest them is no longer virtual, becomes a real pleasure;
* Raise points of fish to the environment a little more agile, a little life; 
* Fresh vegetables and fruits as dishes on the menu;
* Decorative home environment, distribution of natural fresh;
* Increase the enjoyment of life, add a hobby;
* Create more oxygen, improve the indoor oxygen content, absorb more pollution.

* It makes easier for office work environment;

* Raise points of fish, bring a little fun to office;

* Beautify the office, so that the office become more green;

* Allow employees to experience the process of plant growth, experience the history of the company's growth;

* In addition to good-looking, but also to eat, the staff experience the joy of growing success;

* Green, low carbon and healthy office culture;

* Create more oxygen, improve the indoor oxygen content, absorb more pollution.



Green playful:

* Adults: The growth of plants in the process, as their growth process, but also a little viginity to yourself, make you happy, make you smile;
* Children: The children are now less and less time in touch with nature, let the children observe the process of plant growth, help them to increase awareness of natural ability.
How to install Mocle Farm?

How do the plants grow?

It does not use traditional methods of soil cultivation, Instead of using a unique method called hydroponics, part of the plant roots hang in the air, some submerged in water rich in nutrient solution. Because exposure to oxygen in the ideal bathing water and nutrients, plant growth, fast and strong. Nutrients than cultivated plants with soil.


How do the plants obtain the water and nutrients?

Actually very simple. The water and nutrients what the plants need are obtained from the fish tank.
The water and nutrients through the circulation pump transferred to the roots of plants.


How to grow? 




Smart min farm has a new cropping pattern, follow the diagram of operation:

1. The growth pods have carried the Ceramsite(round hard particles), the ceramsite is for  the substrate on the bottom of the growth pods, the thickness is about 10 millimeters. If the ceramsite in the growth pods more than 10 mm, please pour out the excess ceramsite;

2. Put about 30 millimeters nutritional soil into the growth pods(Irregular, friable powder). The seeds sown in the nutrition soil surface.

3. Cover 2 to 3 millimeters of nutritional soil, the different seeds have different cropping patterns, follow the instructions of the seeds planting;

4. Nutrient soil is soft particles and some dust is normal, it will not affect water quality;

5. You need to cover with a transparent moisture cover, if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees celsius, you do not cover moisture cover, prevent the plants to die because of overheating.


How to change the water?

* If no fish, arround 20 days need to change the water;

* If  fish, change the water every15 days;
* If the water becomes muddy, you can change the water in advance;
* If  fish death, change water immediately;
* Additional: You can buy tools for which we provided, it is very ease to change the water.



How to fertilize?
* Plant growth are divided into germination, growth, flowering period. We also provide fertilizer according to the three cycle;
* According to the plant growth cycle, we provide the specified measurement of solid fertilizers into the water, fertilizer will be automatically dissolved in water;
* If you find plants because of lack of fertilizer, resulting in leaf yellowing or leaf of the phenomenon, can be appropriate to add fertilizer, you can change the water and fertilizer in advance.



How long can the plant survive?
* Vegetable and fruit: Such as cherry, tomatoes, green beans will be survival about 6 months, 8-10 weeks to pick fruit. You have 4 consecutive months of harvest;
* Salad vegetables: Survival of about 3~4 months, 3 weeks after species of leaf-cutting you can harvest, so you can have nearly 3 months of harvest;
* Herbs: Food such as herbs, garlic basil, Italian herbs growing season for 4 months, about 4 weeks, you can start picking harvest. You have a nearly 3 months harvest period;
* Flowers: Arround 4 weeks, flowering will last nearly four months.



How long do you take care of it?

* Although we recommend all varieties planted are very easy to grow, however, different plants, take care of it at slightly different times;

* Salad vegetables: 10 minutes per month;
* Herbal: 5 minutes per week;
* Flowers: 6 minutes per week;
* Vegetable and fruit categories: 8 minutes per week.



I often travel, how much time you can not take care of it?
Newly planted, generally you can leave two weeks without care. You know, different plant demand for water and nutrients are also different, some varieties need to care about handling.



Can it mixed planting of different varieties?

* No, we only recommend the same species can be mixed planting, cross-type varieties, such as: flowers and herbs, herbs and salad vegetables, is not mixed cultivation.

* There are three kinds of reasons:
------ Different types of plant growth is not the same;
------ Different plants absorb different nutrients;
------ Different types of plants is not the same illumination time and  irrigation time.



What kind of lights do they use?

It uses a full spectrum grow light, to meet robust plant growth and photosynthesis needs.

Does smart mini farm "green" appliances?
* Yes, of course!!!
* Recyclable design;
* Energy saving design, 60W maximum;
* All parts can be recycled;
* All plastic used is NOT benzene;
* Recyclable packaging.



Does he use the genetically modified seeds?

Commitment not to use genetically modified seeds.



I would like to fish, how to raise?

* Recommended to use bottled water or tap water overnight;
* Not to put many fishes in the tank, it is recommended to support some of the easier to feed the fish;
* Do not put too much fish food, prevent water pollution.


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